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Jupiter also happens to be the lord of the 4th house. The weather conditions will be stormy as majority of the planets are in the airy signs. There will be torrential rains with tsunami like incidences. The functioning of the government will be normal. It is conjunct rahu and aspected by Jupiter from the 7th house.

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The finances and inflation will be somewhat under control. The 3rd house is also aspected by rahu and also by Jupiter. There can be FDI in the communications sector. The stock market will be bearish. The students will question on the admission policies of the government. There can be secret plots by the foreign elements.

The government will come to terms with people of India in accepting their long standing demands. The 11th house in the new moon chart has Saturn and rahu which will put strain the finances of the government. Some of the legislations of the government will be opposed by the opposition. Further it is also aspected by rahu. There can be some understanding with our foreign allies with respect to some long pending issue. The government functioning will be in smooth manner with no major disruptions by the opposition.

The supporting new moon chart is dated July 8th, ; ; at New Delhi. This is also aspected by rahu from the 2nd house, conjunct sun lord of 12th house; conjunct mars the lord of 3rd and 8th house. The government functioning will be stormy and likelihood of the government losing power. Some noted politician can run bad health or expire. However, the 2nd house has rahu and Saturn. The finances of the government and inflation will go out of control. The stock exchange will be bearish.

There can be rail, accidents, etc. Relationship with neighboring countries will be affected negatively. The weather conditions will be stormy as majority of planets are spread in airy and watery signs. The government will not be allowed to function by the opposition party. The supporting new moon chart is dated August 7th, ; ; at New Delhi. There will be foreign investments in the communications industry. Some of the various heads of parliament will expire or face bad health.

Further the new moon occurs in the 9th house of the ingress chart. Mercury is also lord of 4th house. There will be general discontentment in the people, cabinet functioning will not be satisfactory. The weather conditions will be stormy as majority of the planets are spread between the airy and watery signs. The finances and inflation will be fairly under control and stock exchange will be bullish. However, placement of rahu and Saturn in the 5th house will make stock exchange function volatile.

The finances can be generated from communications industry by way of disinvestments. The relationship with neighboring countries will be stable. There will be foreign investments in the communications industry is possible. Mars is aspected by rahu from the 5th house. The country will have to resort to additional borrowings for defence purposes, the relations with foreign countries will be cordial with no major developments, legislations of the government will benefit the common people, the government will be understanding to the needs of the people and will meet with the long standing demands of the people.

Some judges of higher courts will be found corrupt in their dealings. The supporting new moon chart is dated September 5th, ; ; at New Delhi. The government stability will be at stake. The functions of the government will be disrupted by the opposition. This further reiterates the above point of stability of the government and there is likelihood of government falling. Saturn is also the lord of the 2nd house. The finances and inflation will be out of control. Prices of basic commodities will rise. The relationship with neighboring countries will be strained.

The foreign investments in the health and medical sector are possible. The prices of landed properties are likely to have a downward trend. The opposition will be scattered and there will not be any unity in them. The relationship with the foreign country will be strained. The opposition will stall important legislations in the parliament. Some noted personality in the film industry will face bad health.

Some senior female member of government will have health issues. Some spiritual leaders will expire or will be exposed by their scandalous activities. The people will take to agitation on the streets on the policies of the government. The supporting new moon chart is dated October 5th, ; ; at New Delhi. There is Lunar eclipse occurring on October 19 th , ; ; at New Delhi. The same effect as mentioned for the April 25 th , will repeat for this eclipse also. The legislations, agreements will be stalled by the opposition.

There will be general dissatisfaction among the common people, the people will take down to streets to pressurize their demands, and the government will not function in satisfactory manner. The asc lord and 10 th lord mercury is placed in the 2 nd house with rahu and Saturn and aspected by debilitated mars from the 11 th house. Mercury is also aspected by Jupiter lord of 4 th and 7 th house from the 10 th house.

This configuration is again proving the negative aspects mentioned as above and additionally the government will be unstable. The relationship with the neighboring countries will be strained. There could be rail, air, etc accidents. The legislations of the parliament will be stalled.

The international affairs of the government will function satisfactorily. The stock exchanges will be volatile; the borrowings of the government will be misused. The supporting new moon chart is dated November 3rd, ; ; at New Delhi. It is also conjunct mercury lord of 7 th and 10 th and aspected by Jupiter lord of 1 st and 4 th from the 7 th house. All the legislations will be stalled by the opposition.

The revenues of the government will be affected negatively. This is further confirmed by the occurrence of new moon in the 11 th house of the ingress chart. This Venus is aspected by Jupiter lord of 8 th and 11 th from 2 nd house. The 6 th house has new moon and afflicted. The people of country will be get into agitations and create problems for the government.

There will be riots and fights. The safety and security of the people will be at stake. There will be strikes by foreign enemies at the border. The trade deficit numbers will not be satisfactory, the inflation will get out of control, and the stock exchanges will be volatile. The relationship with neighboring countries will be unsatisfactory.


The rail, air, etc accidents cannot be ruled out. The opposition parties will split and there will be in fights among them within their parties. Foreign investments can come in real estate. Insurance sector will be given due importance and legislation with respect to insurance will be passed by the government. The stability of the government will be at stake.

Some of the judges of courts of India may be found corrupt. The judicial system will be questioned by the common people. The supporting new moon chart is dated December 3rd, ; ; at New Delhi. There could be secret ploys by foreign agencies. This is further reiterated in the new moon chart where there are two malefics Saturn and rahu in the 12 th house. The people will show discontentment against the government.

The asc lord mars which happen to be lord of 6 th as well are placed in the 11 th house with no aspects. The functioning of the cabinet will be satisfactory. The stock exchange will be in bearish mode. Some financial irregularities with respect to functioning of the stock exchange or finance ministry could come to lime light.

The 2 nd house has Venus lord of 7 th and 12 th house , which could to some extent is beneficial for the finances and some foreign investments can be expected. The relationship with neighboring countries could be strained. There will be in fights among the opposition parties. The legislations of the government with respect to FDIs in retail sector could again be a matter of dispute. Muralidharan Name: Chi: N. Venus is the karaka for marriage. In case of women Jupiter is to be seen as it signifies husband.

The 2nd house Signify family. The 11th signify fulfilment of Desires, Gain of Life partner, Spouse. There are two houses 5, 9 which will always facilitate marriage. Two hoses 8 and 12 facilitate marriage when signified with 2, 7, and 11 since 8th house signifies sexual parts and dowry. It also signifies expenditure in connection with marriage.

However these two houses will signify bickering, insults and loss of married life when they signify 1, 6, 10 also. Is it Promised or not: General: Marriage is an institution of varied association. Marriage is fixed by destiny. Venus is in a fruitful sign and gets Directional strength, hence strong. Venus in a fruitful sign and strong. Krishnamurthy Sri P.

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Muralidharan shares the KP technique of pinpointing timing of events of a native through horoscopic analysis and KP details. Lord of the first sun and Saturn are in the same sign and in a fruitful sign. Mars in aspect to Venus, Venus or Jupiter in the seventh, or lord of first going to an aspect with the ruler of the seventh denotes early marriage.

If Moon is found to be oriental of the Sun. In Case Of females Sun and Venus aspect one another, whether they are square or trine, or inimical to another must be carefully be studied The Moon strong in the fifth or seventh , aspects to many planets ,denotes early marriage. In a horoscope 7th house signifies legal bondage, partnership in life. The potentiality of the 7th house in a chart is governed by the nature of the 5th, 9th, and 10th houses. Venus is said to be the chief governor of marriage.

Further, as for as men is concerned, the chief indicator of marriage is the natural seventh house from Aries i. Libra and its lord Venus , in case of women it is Aries, being the seventh from Libra i. Aries and Mars and also Jupiter. In man chart Sun is to be examined. The eighth house signifies sex life, from these houses and Scorpio in case of men and Taurus in case of women have to be added.

Then the extra marital life is determined by the twelfth house from the ascendant and Pisces. However in man chart the ascendant, Sun and Venus, in case of men and in case of women the ascendant, Moon and Mars apart from Jupiter. Is to be considered. Similarly Mars governs the balanced sex life of women. Venus is to be examined with the Sun, and Mars with Moon.

Either they agree or not. The next step would be to look for Navamsa and note the agreement. If afflicted in the eighth it makes one serious in matter of sex life. Venus is in own sign in 6th house ,but nearer to 7th cusp Sun and Moon are not afflicted by Saturn. Jupiter is not afflicted. In this chart Sun and Venus are in Conjunction [S] in a fruitful sign. Mercury aspects the tenth Cusps. Saturn is in his own star in the third house, lord of 6 and 7. Saturn aspects Sixth, Tenth and First cusps. Mercury and Saturn signifies 2, 7 and 11 as such Marriage is promised. Jupiter is transiting in Aries till 18 afterwards it will be in Taurus for, a year.

Then he wills aspect the natal position of Jupiter who is in 6, lords of 5 and 8. Prominent house for Marriage is the Seventh Karaka —Venus and Jupiter as karaka for husband in case of women. Sixth is negation to marriage whereas seventh is connected to marriage, Saturn is in conjunction with Mercury who is lord of 2and 7 both signifies marriage.

Occupant of third, lord of 6and 7. Mercury is lord of 2and Saturn aspects 6,10and 1st cusps. Moon is lord of twelve still it is considered to be neutral. Mars is lord of four and ninth, hence it is a best Yoga karaka. Mercury is lord of 2 and Jupiter is lord of 5 and 8. Venus is lord of 3and Saturn is lord of 6 and 7; hence all these planets are neutral. Rahu is lord of 7, and Kethu is lord of the 4th, hence Yoga karaka. Sun is in an angular house along with Venus a natural benefic and a karaka for marriage. Saturn the occupant of the third house is lord 6 and 7 being conjoined with Mercury lord of 2 and Saturn is in Mars sign, who is a best yoga karaka.

Saturn is in a fruitful sign. Sun is in Mercury star who is lord of 2 and Sun is in Saturn Sub ,who is in the Third house which is considered to be neutral house for marriage, lord of 6and 7 sixth is negation to marriage and seventh house signifies Marriage. Saturn is in Sextile to second and square to seventh and Bi- Quintile to eleventh cusps. Sun is in friends camp and in a fruitful sign. Considering the above and other factors mentioned in the fruitful Significators table promises marriage. Rahu is a Yoga karaka. He is in the eighth houses and lord of 7.

Rahu is in Kethu star who is the occupant of second house along with Mars, a best yoga karaka. Rahu is Quin to second and Sextile to seventh and eleventh cusps. Rahu is aspected by Mars; hence Rahu is a strong Significators of marriage. Rahu is in the sub of Mercury, who signifies 2, 7 and Mars aspecting his own house fortifies. Two houses 8 and 12 facilitate marriage when signified with 2, 7, and 11 since 8th house signifies sexual parts and dowry. It also signifies expenditure in marriage. However these two houses which signify bickering, insults and loss of married life when they signify 1, 6, 10 also.

Common Significators. The Hindu mythological literature describes Rahu and Ketu as serpents. Since ancient times knowledge of Rahu and Ketu has existed. The line joining them is termed as Nodal line. And does anyone really think that Robin Soderling has false beliefs and can be treated with gradual exposure to activity? This is very interesting.

I had no clue that the illness starts with a virus. Has the causative virus been isolated? If not, how are we sure that a virus is responsible? And I agree with you. Finally, there are plenty of conditions where causality is more complicated than single thing X causes Y. Repeated doses of antibiotics then lead to significantly altered biota of the sinuses which leads to chronic inflammation via immune system cells which both attack the existing microbes and damage the mucosa in the process, and this leads to repeated cycles of acute infection followed by further antibiotics in a sort of mathematical attractor point of the dynamics.

But DNA based measurement of bacterial strains which is only a recently available measurement technique detects consistent results. In addition, alteration of the sinus biota may involve unicellular fungal growth in the absence of competing bacteria and this may mediate some of the heavy inflammation. Rahul the role of viruses in the disease is debated. The majority of patients but not all report a flu-like illness that coincides the onset of diseases, or precedes it by a few days to weeks. A number of different pathogens have been associated to the disease in this manner.

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A mass outbreak in Norway was seemingly caused by contamination of drinking water with giardia lambia. There are people who think the infectious agent is still present hidden somewhere, there are people who think the infection causes some sort of immune dysfunction that persists long after the pathogen is gone, there are people who the infection might just trigger some form of autoimmunity.

And then again M. Rahul The term flu-like illness is a medical diagnosis meaning possible flu, or a disease with the same symptoms. That CFS is often triggered by or preceded by an infection is an uncontroversial statement everyone agrees on. No reason to doubt this. Second, it is accepted by all sides that for a substantial proportion of patients the illness started with a virus.

Third, there is no evidence that the virus link is post-hoc.

JASA Jan-Mar 2014 Issue

As I mentioned, an attempt to link belief in a virus to outcome of treatment failed. Many report onset just as Soderling did. The psychogenic explanation is that CFS is a kind of psychosis: trauma, including from a virus, may make a person ill and then after this trauma has ended ie there is no longer any ongoing biological cause the patient continues to feel ill but that this illness is now simply the belief the person is ill.

There is no single causative virus but there are certain viruses which are linked to the illness much more than others. My experience was very close to that of Soderling: I had a virus and I tried to run it off. I cant think, process information, remember; I am hormonal; I feel the cold and am sensitive to noise. My symptoms are found in encephalitis and in inflammation of the brain and in post-inflammation syndrome. In those patients where there is a combination of both, there should be an intergration of the two. Evidence of difference: 4. Looking at individuals clinical shows differences.

Looking at cell and body system function pathophysiology shows differences. Epidemiological Evidence: 7. Illness severity and not psychological factors predict outcome. Pathophysiological Evidence: The most replicated research repeatedly shows that thare are problems with Endocrine function Autonomic function Cardiac function Muscle metabolism Homeostatic function And an infectious etiology is often present … and there is much more. Psychological situations cause measurable problems in the rest of the body.

Are there methodological problems with some of these studies? But, there are many clear mechanisms by which this kind of thing can occur, and in animal models we can actually induce stress and measure outcomes, even those that require killing the mouse to measure. For that you need:. I have never seen one of these. Emotional distress?

Nutritional deficiencies due to bad eating habits secondary to emotional distress? Wear and tear on the cells due to infection, mechanical torsion, etc.? Just one of these? All of them and more? Not all chemical reactions have an even flow between alternate states, and may require a different kind of input to react in reverse.

Yes, therapy which is designed for that purpose can improve coping which can in some cases improve the way the patient manages the disease—provided other appropriate treatment is also available and provided , and reduce emotional distress. It should be speced for that, and provided to patients who ask for it for that purpose. However offering CBT in the absence of any medical treatment—particularly without acknowledging that medical treatment is lacking—is mainly going to make the patient feel patronized. Here are my assertions:. I take this as given. It is like pretending that someone with split personalities who has suffered horrendous abuse, is just putting it on, or the diagnoses is just theory, the background of the person irrelevant and its curable by biological or neurological intervention, right?

There is no doubt there is incredible pitfalls in assessing what is psychological in patients and what is biological, there is an incredible grey area and no easy answers, you can change the brain by a simple change in behaviour, you can change the brain by a simple change in nutrition.

Welcome to the dichotomy and complex nature of life. The quest again the London shrinks and PACE is justifiable, but the resentment and quest against the whole profession is unbalanced; and I am afraid due to too many jaded patience. Meanwhile any sensible discussion around these issues, or someone claiming some success from psychological intervention is ran off any forum or threads locked. We want to talk about that psychology?

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Do we really have the data to support all these mini diseases based on often broad and subjective diagnostic criteria? I would argue that a lot of the disagreement on this topic really comes down to terminology. Namely psychological vs. There are certainly mechanisms by which mental states effect the body. Eg anxiety leading to hyperventilation. But the idea of that state being constantly sustained for several decades to the extent that someone cannot bathe or feed themselves without assistance, and often without any history of psychiatric illness or trauma is rather another story.

And one that should require an equal level of evidence as any other causal hypothesis. It is certainly possible that psychosomatic disease exists. Patients, clinicians and researchers who deal with ME tend to take a pretty hard line on psychogenic theory because as you have seen in this thread it has done a great deal of harm in the form of diagnostic overshadowing, access to care, innappropriate treatments, abuse of patients etc. Patients are rightly angry.

Daniel I certainly agree wholeheartedly that psychological services should be available to anyone who wants them and might benefit from them. But…I still think you are still making a bit of a category error here.

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The conditions you mention are not considered psychosomatic. They are posited by some as having a psychological component. Asserting that patients may be able to relieve some of their subjective suffering by alleviating stress or other psychological factors is very different from asserting that their disease is solely caused and maintained by their own faulty cognition and behaviour. Where psychosomatic thinking gets dangerously unscientific is that this notion is unfalsifiable.

Its this sort of irrational post-hoc logic that makes people question psychosomatic theories as a whole. Once a theory is unfalsifiable it is no longer science it is superstition. Which does not in any way make psychological or psychiatric conditions less valid. In terms of allergies I have never heard of a psychological explanation. Could you provide a reference? But, the argument is fallacious, and therefore does not provide a real argument against 1 and yet there are good arguments against 1 which are not fallacious and do not apparently harm people in category 2.

In particular there are real scientific hypotheses with mechanisms associated to:. I am guessing you just quickly looked for something related to allergies and somatization, but this goes to show the quality of the average psychosomatic paper. It is an opinion piece. The problem in a nutshell is that this field has not progressed from its roots in stage-magic and theories about wandering uteruses.

There is currently as much internal logic and evidentiary basis in this field as there is in homeopathy. Yet clinicians and policy-makers are frequently treating psychosomatic disease as a proven fact. Perhaps I can turn this question around. What evidence convinces you that psychosomatic disease exists?

Previously on other portions of this page people have argued that there is no scientific basis for such. You have to get past the intro and background stuff before you get to a variety of citations on studies where they show that stress modulates allergen response in experiments, where psychiatric stress is related to incidence of hospitalizations for various things, where psychiatric stress is related to eosinophil reactions etc etc etc.

Golden SH. A review of the evidence for a neuroendocrine link between stress, depression and diabetes mellitus. Curr Diabetes Rev. The role of stress in symptom exacerbation among IBS patients. J Psychosom Res. School examinations enhance airway inflammation to antigen challenge. A lot of this long argument seems like asking how many angels can dance on the head of a pin….. And I get from your last posts that you are not really going to bat for psychosomatic theories. I think it is just important to clinicians, researchers and patients to point out that the level of evidence and the internal logic currently used in this field is unacceptable.

I get that you want to point out that psychosomatic disease is theoretically possible, and I agree. Rahul: as a cost savings measure many of the psych clinics are being forced into acting essentially like dispensaries. Especially because reimbursement for pills is relatively easy thanks to massive lobbying from pharma?? So skilled counselors become pill pushers with 15 or 30 minute appointment durations. But I go farther than you in believing that psych as contributor to a wide variety of physical issues has good scientific evidence.

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Agree this yes gone wildly off topic and I will bow out. But first I feel compelled to point out that there is nothing unethical about control groups in the types of studies we were discussing. The control group I mentioned as being missing in that allergy paper would simply have been a demographically matched group with the same diagnosis, who were NOT taking exams, but had the same measurements taken in the same month and at the same time of day.

Basic trial design from which no purportedly medical study should be exempt. Rahul: treating asthma in college students by psychological counseling is probably like the tiniest epsilon towards the point. In general wider availability of psych treatment and acceptance of research funds towards how psych treatment might help chronic illness especially in those who are diagnosed with chronic psych issues FIRST as opposed to forcing psych treatment as the only treatment down the throats of people who have fully somatic disorders.

I know people in community mental health, the funding and acceptance of the need for such clinics etc is constantly in peril. I printed off their pages and asked my gp to read them. He was enraged because I had the temerity to google it, after years. He became very aggressive, asked what they wanted to sell to me nothing. I suggested that maybe he may like to go onto the website when he had a moment. Refused point blank.

I have ME. My GP lumps them together and have not been referred to a neurologist. ME is caused by damage to the brain. Mine is down to whiplash followed by meningitis. I have a history of depressive bouts and other conditions. I have waited for 6 months to get an appointment for the opthamologist at the hospital after visiting an optician. I have huge glaring white lights, imagine looking at a jagged hole in the ice on a pond, but instead of water the hole is filled up with glaring white light and you cannot see.

This may be my way in to get seen by a neurologist. My gp took a batch of tests for all organs, and bone inflammation. Results were all fine except that I tested positive for Lupus. Apparently I have not got Lupus although I have many of the symptoms. People become depressed with this horrendous condition, of course they do, but it is secondary to the disease. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is not the answer.

I was attempting to achieve the targets that were set and had a massive relapse. My heart is now damaged. I have always been very active and slim and used to walk for about 6 miles a day with my dogs. No funds are put into research. The NHS does not want people to be diagnosed due to the repercussions financially. Its important to emphasise the importance of scientific rigour integrity and high scientific standards in all research.

This is especially required in the controversial areas of science where people get quite emotional and have vested interests in certain outcomes. Many have mentioned the PACE trial in Britain and this is a subject which will require very careful and detailed analysis and scrutiny. There are egos, commercial agendas, professional agendas, personal agendas, etc. I and some others prefer to look at the scientific and medical facts, and draw rational and logical conclusions from them.

The reviewer should definitely try to catch problems. Himmicanes, anyone? Beyond that, is the problem that top journals select based on importance of the findings, not on correctness. At least it seems so. At that point it becomes hard to excuse how three reviewers plus a few editors and house statisticians let them pass. Of course, if we all start out without aiming to do a conscientious job of reviewing, and putting quantity over quality, publishing Himmicane papers is natural. Indeed, I have had two papers accepted for publication that had errors.

In the first case, I caught the error myself before publication, withdrew that paper, and was able to correct it and resubmit the paper. In the second case, a colleague pointed the error out to me before publication — and it was a serious error that I was not able to correct.

I wonder if there is an additional problem in that reviewers for this type of work may be drawn from a small pool of interconnected researchers. While this is as far as you can get from a condition of the mind, it is of course a physical disease centred in the brain, and much evidence has accrued to identify it as a persistent viral infection. It was an unscientific disaster when this mixing of of patient groups was allowed to occur and until the damage to science us unravelled we will continue to see seriously sick children damaged with exercise treatment and their educational rights ignored.

As executive director of Tymes Trust I am not prepared to ignore such a travesty. Well said, Jane Colby. This mixing of patient groups has been an unmitigated disaster for those of us with Ramsay-defined myalgic encephalomyelitis ME. The harm done to ME patients through misrepresentation is truly immeasurable. I think it is also worth saying that since publication the Lancet has been vigorously defending the PACE trial.

In the Australasian Radio interview mentioned in the article Richard Horton was very critical of patients for daring to criticize the trial. The lancet defended this editorial against a complaint brought to the press complaints commission which adjudicated the authors or the editorial were expressing an opinion although criticized the Lancet for not making this clear. They said that publishing letters pointing out the recovery definition of recovery was not used and a letter from the authors saying that they were not commenting on recovery offered sufficient remedial action.

I believe the authors of the PACE article had seen the editorial prior to publication. These are pretty fair questions, Andrew, but one of the worries is what happens next? What happens when a faulty paper is published? How does it get corrected? Many of them have strong backgrounds in science, mathematics, statistics, even psychology. It is only now, 6 years on, when we get researchers from other areas to look at the evidence, that the problem is beginning to be recognized.

Until then, only the small, specialized group of researchers involved in the area were the ones who handled any criticisms and they refused to reveal any further details. In this case patients who asked questions or who express scientific doubts were tagged as vexatious. It is pretty obvious to me that most of the other people defending the trial e. That the amount of biomedical research over the last 35 years into the illness has been utterly minimal, with a number of small studies funded by charities coming up with interesting findings, but a complete lack of substantial funding for definitive trials?

The assumption of the illness having a major psychological certainly has contributed to the poor attitude of a section of the medical profession towards analysis provided by patients. So if only those closely involved in a small research area are permitted to comment or to criticize, there is little hope that such work can be trusted. I think open data and post-publication review are the way to go. And, I argue, ultimately contrary to the reputation of the Lancet as well. Basically my prior is kind of broad. The calculation would be very different.

To count up the deaths in the way they have, all you need to do is observe a medical mishap followed by a death. To count the QALYs, you need to simulate future life course with and without the medical mishap. Then you need to defend your modelling methods, and defend the use of QALYs. I agree that QALYs would be a better measure of burden, but there are good reasons why an advocacy campaign like this will talk about deaths. Right, sure. Andrew: As I see it the problem with the peer review process was simply that psychiatry has inadequate standards for trials. Any clinical pharmacologist sent this paper for review would have said that it was not providing reliable information: period.

This is not an issue of missing subtle problems. It is a barn door issue of a trial that is methodologically a non-starter. Unfortunately, it seems that in psychiatry people simply do not understand how bias has to be dealt with in order to produce a useful result. And I have had emails from eminent psychiatrists, who may well have reviewed this, indicating just that — they do not seem to understand.

So the answer to your question is probably fairly simple. Psychiatry needs to get its act together. This is related to the problem we discussed a couple years ago with that ovulation-and-clothing study that had been published in Psychological Science. The estimates effects were ridiculously implausible, and the measurement of peak fertility was both biased and noisy. Even setting aside the garden of forking paths, the study, and others like it, were dead on arrival.

They were holding on to that statistical significance and not letting go. D discusses this. Medical training is not the same as scientific training. Yes, science is a prominent part of medical training, but not in the same way it is for scientists. In actuality, although medicine is based in science, it is an applied science. The vast majority of physicians do not do scientific investigation or contribute to scientific knowledge.

Rather, they apply known science to the treatment of patients. This is not a knock on them, or an insult, or a criticism. It is simply an acknowledgement of what most medicine is. Medical school is very much more like a trade school, in which students are taught how to take care of patients, than a school teaching how to do science. Basically, medicine as a profession resembles engineering far more than a scientific specialty in that the vast majority of physicians apply science to the problem of diagnosing and treating illness, as engineers apply science to the problem of building things.

Again, this is not a knock on either physicians or engineers. How they apply existing science to solve problems or, in the case of engineers, to build things can involve incredibly clever feats of mental prowess, but it is nonetheless a very different process than doing science to produce new scientific knowledge. Yep, and even when you have an MD PhD combo, that person typically has spent a lot more time finding out how to treat patients than a person who has a pure PhD.

And more importantly, designing experiments that fail to actually rule out other obvious possibilities so that at the end of an expensive experiment you know very little more than you did going in. The authors of the invited editorial that accompanied the PACE paper are highly likely to have been referees — normal journal practice. Surely, corrupt or unduly biased referees are just as culpable if not more culpable of errors in the publication process? It is not only the alleged sanctity of the Lancet that is a worry, but the safeguarding process employed by such prestigious journals in whom we hitherto have put our trust.

If I am going to rig a boxing match, I pick the right people to ensure that I get the results I paid for. I think open refereeing would be a good thing. Then when the paper comes out and is questioned, people can ask the referees what they were thinking. James Coyne recently made the point that there are a huge number of PACE authors and that the UK is a small world when it comes to research. He doubted that it would have been possible for the PACE trial to have been independently reviewed by UK reviewers, given that a lot of the people familiar with the therapies and issues in PACE would have been either cronies of the authors or people whose positions would be vulnerable if they gave critical reviews and their identities were known or could be guessed.

So although I agree with open refereeing in some ways, I think it has disadvantages in others. Coyne suggests that maybe UK studies should have overseas reviewers and says if memory serves that getting overseas reviewers is the norm in some countries. C losing Date : 10th June or earlier, subject to seats availability. Cheah Eng Huat By Cash Payment: You may also choose to pay by cash to any of the board or committee members with whom you are familiar with. We seek your co-operation and support.

They too may benefit from these talks. Let us all join hands together and spread the Vedic science. The law of gravitation worked as efficiently before Newton as after him. The cosmos would be fairly chaotic if its laws could not operate without the sanction of human belief. Astrology is too vast, both mathematically and philosophically, to be rightly grasped except by men of profound understanding.

If ignoramuses misread the heavens, and see there a scrawl instead of a script, that is to be expected in this imperfect world. Comments and Appeal An outstanding Vedic astrologer of current modern India, has good communication skills, oral as well written, speaks very good English, good oratory skills and presenter. Only 80 places Classroom seating are available and due to the popularity of the speaker as one of the topmost astrologers as well an academician of astrology, we anticipate all seats will be snapped up fast.