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But here are some tips and tricks which can help you in getting true insights of your natal chart and getting a much clearer and fuller picture of the key placements in the chart. All these zodiac signs and the astrological planets are positioned in different houses which help the astrology experts to carry out with correct and accurate interpretations of the natal chart of an individual.

Astrology Desk is one of the most genuine and renowned sites for getting the true Natal Chart interpretations and detailed analysis. We are associated with the best psychic experts and the most reliable, experienced and knowledgable Astrologers who provide you with an in-depth study and profound detailing of your natal chart in the form of Free Astrology Report by highlighting each and every aspect of your chart. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website Learn more. Natal Chart.

How to Calculate Your Birth Chart

YYYY Don't Know Birth Time. Various rulership systems for signs, houses, triplicities, terms, decans, degrees. Display tooltips on the chart screen for planets, cusps of houses, zodiac signs, fixed stars. The ability to automatically select interpretation texts, aspect sets and point sets , depending on the type of chart.

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Advanced calculation of aspects , convergent and divergent aspects with the possibility of specifying different values of orbs, dexter and sinister aspects. Evaluation of the time of the exact, the ability to sort aspects by the time of their occurrence. Calculation of the Moon Leave. Calculation of antiscia, contra-antiscia, parallels and contraparallels in latitude and in declination.

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Ability to calculate a chart at any time from the table. Including the calculation of the time for aspects of transit houses cusps.

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  5. The possibility of calculating the time of beginning and ending of the aspect, taking into account the orbs, calculating the moments of entry and exit from the retrograde loop retrograde shadow. Displaying aspects and events on the Time Chart. Calendar of Sun and Moon rise and set, solar and lunar days, transitions to the signs of the zodiac, moon phases taking into account eclipses. Moon Void of Course calendar for a period, with customizable calculation criteria. Calendar of planetary hours and tattvas for the period. Email address.

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